Places you must visit when you’re in Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs is known for its scenic beauty and its people. It is situated at an altitude of 6,035 ft. You have plenty of options that will keep you busy when you’re in Colorado Springs. The mountainous peaks and the red sandstone formations are a treat to watch. If you love visiting hill stations then you should not miss out on Colorado Springs. Some of the places that are a must watch are listed below:

Royal Gorge and Cheyenne zoo

You can start your morning by visiting the zoo and take a ride in the tram to travel around the park. You get to hand feed the giraffe and there are huge amount of native animals that you get to see. From here you can visit nearby places like the seven falls and cave of the winds. The 181 foot waterfall looks beautiful around the solid rocks. People who like to experience adventurous areas will love these interesting peaks in Colorado Springs. There is also the cave of the winds where you can see beautiful natural formations and see various historical figures. You can contact professionals to guide you during your trip. It is important to contact experts whether it is about planning a trip or getting the professional services like post frame builder.


It consists of the main city and there are plenty of options to experience the cultural beauty of this region. There are some of the best eateries where you can experience world class cuisines. You have plenty of options to have food and there are enough options available for any traveler. If you are a shopaholic and like to experience the markets of different places then you are at the right place. The public market is very famous and it has huge amount of local shops. Huge amount of tourists come here to get trendy clothing and get some traditional dresses for themselves. Downtown gives you the real taste of Colorado and you get to experience the beauty of the culture in this region.

Manitou Springs and Garden of Gods

As the name goes, Garden of Gods is a really beautiful place that has 300 feet high sandstone rocks. It is present near the pikes peak and you must make sure that you visit this place in bright day light. You have the option to travel the park in your car and check out the unusual topography of this region. It is recommended that you travel the place on foot instead of using a car as it would be easier for see the rock formations along with the bright Colorado sky. Along with this, make sure that you don’t miss out on Manitou Springs. It has registered its name in top 10 coolest towns in US. It is home to huge amount of historic restaurants and has some beautiful scenic views. The best thing about this place is its food. If you want to experience the real taste of Colorado then you must visit Manitou Springs. You can also visit Manitou incline that is situated in this region to check out the 2,000 ft. tall inclination and traverse along the hills.

The Scenic Beauty and Natural Attractions of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs situated in El Paso County in Colorado easily qualifies as one of the most picturesque spots in the mountainous areas of western and southwestern regions of US. The municipality happens to be a tourist’s delight as there are numerous attractions dotting the city and its surroundings. You’ll have to keep aside a full fortnight if you wish to see all or most of these sights. There are over 55 natural attractions that are worth visiting and capturing snapshots of for the sake of posterity. Some of the topnotch natural spots attracts countless sightseers have been enumerated below.

Broadmoor Seven Falls, Southwest Colorado Springs

The Broadmoor Seven Falls has a suite of cascades that drop from a height of 1,400 ft. You’ve to climb all the 224 steps if you want to reach the pinnacle. Once you’re there, you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Southwest Colorado Springs

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will fall on the way on your journey to the summit of the Pike Peak. The zoological park is USA’s lone mountain menagerie situated at an elevation 6,800 feet above sea level. There are 950 animals inside its premises worth a peek.

Gold Belt Tour Scenic Byway Mountain Communities

There are 131 miles of unsurpassable natural splendor and loveliness waiting for you to be explored. The Gold Belt Tour Scenic Byway lies on the pathways linking Florence and Canon City. Go fossil hunting, and gold mining in Cripple Creek/Victor Gold Mining District.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings Manitou Springs

Visit the Manitou Cliff Dwellings to unlock the mysteriousness of the intriguing Native American tribes.

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tours

Experience the thrill of mining gold just as the original miners did as you descend 1000 ft in a vertical line. At the end of the trip, you’ll get a specimen of gold ore for free!

America’s Mountain-Pikes Peak

You start your sojourn to the acme of Pikes Peak at a height of 7,400 ft and soak in the splendor of the lakes, hiking trails, drifting clouds as you steadily approach the summit that is 14,115 ft above sea level.

Sightseeing Attractions in Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs is a city and municipality in El Paso County in the state of Colorado. Situated at an altitude or elevation of 1,839m above the sea level, Colorado Springs is a picturesque metropolis sprawled across the foothills of the Pikes Peak mountain range which forms the eastern flank of the Southern Rockies. The ‘US News and World Report’ in its 2016 listing of the ‘best places to live in USA’, placed Colorado Springs at the fifth spot. Owing to its unique situation at Pikes Peak’s base, the conurbation attracts over 5 million tourists annually. Following are some sightseeing attractions that witness the maximum footfalls.

Glen Eyrie Castle

A visit to Colorado Springs is incomplete without a trip to the Glen Eyrie Castle. This castle used to be the abode of William Jackson Palmer who laid the foundations for the city and his wife Mary Queen Palmer. The Tudor-styled citadel is situated strategically inside an 800-acre estate. Take your time going around the place and enjoy high tea with the current owners.

Garden of the Gods

‘Garden of Gods’ lies to Colorado Springs’s northwest and the natural beauty of the surroundings is so breathtaking that you’ll feel like staying put here for the rest of your life. The age-old cypress trees and the red sandstone rocky ledges that are believed to have been formed 300 million years ago are the main attractions.

North Cheyenne Canon Park

North Cheyenne Canon Park, popular for its exotic flora and fauna, is spread across the foothills of Pike Peak. You’ll be able to spot many species of birds, black bears, mule deer, and mountain lions.

U.S. Olympic Complex Training Center

This training is the principal center of the USOC or US Olympic Committee. You can see around the entire complex for free. Check out the Team USA shop and the Olympic Visitor Center.

Petersen Air and Space Museum

The Petersen Air and Space Museum showcases Colorado Spring’s aviation history as well as the evolution of Peterson Air Force Base.

Historical Background of Colorado Springs

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The history of the city or municipality of Colorado Springs can be traced back to the early 19th century when Zebulon Pike, an American explorer was traversing through what is now the El Paso County came across ‘Pikes Peak’. It was in the year 1806 in November when he spotted the peak and is credited with having discovered the same. The Native American Indian tribes of Ute, Arapaho, and Cheyenne are believed to be the aboriginal settlers in the vicinity of Colorado Springs. Spanish and French conquistadors started exploring the region in the 18th cent.

However with the purchase of Louisiana, Anglo-American explorers began arriving in droves. Hectic mining activity in the area surrounding Pikes Peak, especially in western Denver, led to the region’s development resulting in the founding of Colorado City in 1859. The development of Colorado City paved the way for the foundation of Colorado Springs. Just ten years later in 1869, a civil war veteran hailing from Pennsylvania, General William Jackson Palmer while visiting the zone for the first time was simply enamored by the magnificent natural vistas of the area.

He sagaciously forecasted that the foothills of the Pikes Peak would one day develop into a popular resort city. In 1870, he bought a huge tract of land in the area for constructing the Rio Grande and Denver Railroad. As the construction project got underway, the land tracts on either side of the railway tracks became settlement grounds for railroad workers leading to the establishment of Colorado Springs in 1871. Apart from the spectacular beauty of the surroundings, it was also the mild climate characterized by sunny days and dry weather that attracted people from near and far to settle down in the region. Eventually, discovery of vast traces of gold on Pike Peak’s western slope in 1890s transformed the settlement into a bustling city.