Historical Background of Colorado Springs

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The history of the city or municipality of Colorado Springs can be traced back to the early 19th century when Zebulon Pike, an American explorer was traversing through what is now the El Paso County came across ‘Pikes Peak’. It was in the year 1806 in November when he spotted the peak and is credited with having discovered the same. The Native American Indian tribes of Ute, Arapaho, and Cheyenne are believed to be the aboriginal settlers in the vicinity of Colorado Springs. Spanish and French conquistadors started exploring the region in the 18th cent.

However with the purchase of Louisiana, Anglo-American explorers began arriving in droves. Hectic mining activity in the area surrounding Pikes Peak, especially in western Denver, led to the region’s development resulting in the founding of Colorado City in 1859. The development of Colorado City paved the way for the foundation of Colorado Springs. Just ten years later in 1869, a civil war veteran hailing from Pennsylvania, General William Jackson Palmer while visiting the zone for the first time was simply enamored by the magnificent natural vistas of the area.

He sagaciously forecasted that the foothills of the Pikes Peak would one day develop into a popular resort city. In 1870, he bought a huge tract of land in the area for constructing the Rio Grande and Denver Railroad. As the construction project got underway, the land tracts on either side of the railway tracks became settlement grounds for railroad workers leading to the establishment of Colorado Springs in 1871. Apart from the spectacular beauty of the surroundings, it was also the mild climate characterized by sunny days and dry weather that attracted people from near and far to settle down in the region. Eventually, discovery of vast traces of gold on Pike Peak’s western slope in 1890s transformed the settlement into a bustling city.

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